Hello, I am Colin Rose the behavioural dog trainer and founder of Dog Intuition in Bath. My philosophy on training is "to teach a dog to want to do what you want it to do", this way there is no conflict of interest.

Dog trainer with a passion for dogs and dog psychology

Colin Rose training dogsWith all the dogs that I have trained over the years I have always been the centre of their attention, people have said that I have an empathy with dogs.

They have always preferred to play with me or look to me to see what’s going to happen next. They have been well socialised to dogs and people and yet would prefer to play with me. This has been achieved not because of some dominance theory, but by interacting with them the same way they interact with each other, through controlled games and using simple learning theory/techniques

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a passion for dogs and dog psychology and once I start talking about dogs it’s sometimes difficult to shut me up!

Teach a dog to want to do what you want it to do

Training search dogs requires a huge amount of motivational techniques as we all know you cannot force a dog to use its nose to find Drugs, Explosive or buried people, it has got to want to do it and that is the foundation of my training methods. Many of these dogs came from recuse centres like Battersea and the Dogs trust, with behavioural issues that made them difficult to live with, but given a job to do, these dogs are now saving lives.

Dog training techniques using positive reinforcement

My boys and girls waiting for their friend to come for a walk
My boys and girls waiting for their friend to come for a walk

I would like to pass on these techniques to help you gain a better understanding of your dog and to enable you to gain control and live in a way that is stress free for both you and the dog.

All my training techniques use positive reinforcement. Through the years I have searched for the best way to train dogs, I was not happy with the punitive methods of training which are still widely used today. Working with wise and innovative trainers, studying and experimenting, I am confident that my approach is good for both dog and owner, though I continue to learn from every dog I work with.

I also feel that it is important to have a broad enough knowledge of dogs and training techniques to be able to adjust the training to suit each individual dog and owner.