Reuben The Runaway

Would not come back or Recall

We came to Colin for help with recall for our dog Reuben, who was 10 months old at the start of training. He was becoming less and less responsive to our calls, and frequently ran off after other dogs, birds and sheep


Herbie the run away Welsh Springer

Recalling our 9-month old Welsh springer was a nightmare.

We did puppy classes and he passed recall with full marks, but by 6 months he would disappear for 20 minuets or more. If he was on a scent it could be for a hour, we started to dread letting him off lead.

We knew that we needed to … Continued

Jessie. The collie who loved chasing bikes

Four months ago I was almost at the end of my tether with my young border collie, Jesse.  He didn’t like, and therefore tried to chase cyclists and joggers, nipping and barking at them.  I started avoiding places where he might have such encounters because I was worried about the potential … Continued

Zak – Reactive towards Dogs

Zak an 8 year old Irish Wolfhound cross Labrador was my daughters husbands dog unfortunately the marriage ended and her husband didn’t want Zak. My daughter has two boys and also works, however they didn’t want to give Zak up.

Zak is a lovely dog in many … Continued

Frankie – Rescue Lurcher reactive towards people and dogs

Frankie is a brindle greyhound rescued just over 6 months ago by my father and I from a dogs home. We were told that he had been treated badly and that he was a very reactive dog. We tried for a few weeks to settle Frankie and gain his trust but when he saw another dog, animal or human he would lunge, … Continued

Vizsla – From Problem dog to Therapy dog

Bodza had quite a few behaviour problems, but came through in the end

It was nice to see you at racecourse yesterday, I’m so sorry I could not get out of the car to say hello but I was really happy to see you! I never really had a chance to say Thank You for all your work and support you gave me … Continued

The dog that doesn’t like going for walks

A testimonial from a client whose dog didn't like going for walks.

Badger, a retired racing greyhound joined our family 15 months ago. His transition from being a kennelled, racing dog to a domestic pet went well and he quickly began to enjoy the benefits of retirement. Like many greyhounds … Continued

Training a mouthing staffie

A testimonial from a client who had a staffie with a mouthing habit. The dog was not at all aggressive but needed to learn not to bite! She is now a big softie.

After initial reservations and lots of research about buying a Staffordshire Bull Terrier I found a breeder in Exeter. Unfortunately … Continued

Dog obsessed with sheep and badger holes

Testimonial from a client whose dog was obsessed with sheep and badger holes. The dog's recall is now much improved with reward based training.

My Rescue Terrier – cross, Tigger was obsessed with sheep and Badger holes, having to be dug out a couple of times in the past.  Our walks … Continued

Building the confidence of a timid dog

A testimonial of a client who I helped to building the confidence of their timid dog who used to bark and lunge at other dogs while on the lead.

Rosie, my 2 year old Yellow Lab, was always quite wary of other dogs and some people.

She would bark, lunge and pull towards them when on lead. … Continued