Training a dog to stop chasing sheep (including video)

Colin trained my sight hound to stop chasing sheep

I have a whippet named Jess, she is a sight hound and sight hounds were originally bred to hunt by sight and so they instinctively chase moving objects.

We bought Jess at 6 months old and a few months after we bought her she started … Continued

Dog trained not to pull on the lead

This is Nala a 16 week Cocker spaniel x who had been to puppy class, but pulled like a steam train when she was out on the lead.

Once I had explained to the owner why dogs pull on the lead and we introduced the clicker so that our reward timing was better Nala never looked back. This is after … Continued

Video of progress at our dog training class

Watch this video to see how well everyone is doing at our adult dog training class!

All the hard work finally paying off. Well done guys

See you all next Friday