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Sunday 3rd July 11:15 - FULL

Sunday 17th July 12:30-13:30

Please call or email to book a place

Our Puppy socialisation classes are well structured so that those puppies that lack confidence and may want to hide away and not interact, can gain confidence. This requires controlled socialisation, NOT a free for all where puppies are allowed to rush around bullying those unconfident puppies who may never recover from the experience.

They are structured to allow a steady progressive learning experience for EACH puppy.
It is a very influential stage in the puppies development and classes should be run by very experience people. Getting this stage wrong may having a lasting effect on the puppy and may be that start of some anti social behaviour seen in adult dogs.

We cover

  • Walking on the lead
  • Recalls
  • Downs
  • Stays,
  • Lots of “hands on” and more

Currently held outdoors in a secure field : Location – Fern Farm SN14 8SE.

Only small numbers so book now !

All the training is reward based, so bring lots of treats.      4 week course £65



Min 3 people

Agility is great for expending some of your dogs excess energy. It also great for building your dogs confidence and helping to get your dog listening and responding to you better.

Our agility is FUN and not for the competitive types. After the course we run agility mornings on Fridays and Saturdays (weather permitting) thought out the year, where you can continue to hone your skills.

All the training is reward based, so bring lots of treats.

Currently Not Running


Sunday 19th December 12:30-13:30

This course covers all the basics and is targeted at dogs that have done a puppy socialisation course or a young dog that has not had much training or simply someone who wants to brush up on their dogs skills.

  • Walking on a slack lead, around and past other dogs.
  • Recalls. Triggering all the dogs natural instincts.
  • Down stays with distraction
  • “Sit” at heel, “down” at heel
  • Emergency “down” Basic level.

If you wish then to continue your dogs training after the course I run dog training classes every Friday and Sunday mornings, weather permitting, throughout the year, gradually increasing distraction levels. This is the only way to get your dog responding to you in the “real” world because “life” is full of distractions

All the training is reward based, so bring lots of treats.       4 week Course £65