Frankie – Rescue Lurcher reactive towards people and dogs

Frankie is a brindle greyhound rescued just over 6 months ago by my father and I from a dogs home. We were told that he had been treated badly and that he was a very reactive dog. We tried for a few weeks to settle Frankie and gain his trust but when he saw another dog, animal or human he would lunge, and appear to want to attack them.



We were not able to let him off the lead and had to fit a muzzle every time we ventured out, dreading any contact with animals and humans!!  We began training with Colin and noticed that our bond with Frankie strengthened and he started to trust and look to us for guidance during our second session.

We followed Colin’s training method’s daily and remained consistent in the way we handled him. It is now just over 6 months since we rescued Frankie and we now have a wonderful, friendly and affectionate dog who runs off lead, without a muzzle and mixies with all dogs, animals and humans!! He always comes when recalled and is a very relaxed, confident individual who has become a very important part of our family.

A huge thank you to Colin for keeping us on track and believing that he would ‘come good’.