Vizsla – From Problem dog to Therapy dog

Bodza had quite a few behaviour problems, but came through in the end

It was nice to see you at racecourse yesterday, I’m so sorry I could not get out of the car to say hello but I was really happy to see you! I never really had a chance to say Thank You for all your work and support you gave me last year with Bodza’s behaviour problems.



She has become a very well behaved dog, no trouble at all!!

She now has a very good relationship with the horses’ she loves spending time with them and behaves very well!

She is fine with neighbors and accepts new ones- Jockeys come and go so sometimes it takes time for her to get used to them, but it happens much quicker now.

She is fine with runners and bikers and we have our new routine, I get up early before I go to work to make sure she is getting plenty of exercise and is physically tired so she is fine till 6 pm when we come home.

She has no separation anxiety at all, she knows we are coming back to her, she is not chewing things anymore just patiently waiting for Mummy to get home. I’m still using the empty bottle with some treats inside like you advised and she loves it!!!

Last year we went home to Hungary and left her with my Mum for a week till we went on holiday to Croatia and she was very well behaved was no trouble at all!

Also I used to take her into town so people can stroke her and she is ok now, with most people, just the odd person the see is not impressed with, weird, but I think it is just like humans we can not like everyone, can we?! 🙂


But which is more amazing I take her to my work place as a “Therapy” dog (I’m still working in a nursing home as a senior nurse) and she is amazing with elderly people!! You would not believe it!! She completely changed!!

So gentle and quiet! She puts her head in their lap, sitting and waiting for dog biscuits and takes it from their hands so gently!! They love her!

So we are having a beautiful life at Conkwell, now I can let her out if I’m busy with housework, she stays in the back garden or just goes into the woods but always back when I call her.

So thank you very much for all your help and patient and kindness towards us!! I will never forget!!

Kind regards, Emy and Bodza


Ps: she still loves eating horse poo 🙂