Video of progress at our dog training class

Watch this video to see how well everyone is doing at our adult dog training class!

All the hard work finally paying off. Well done guys

See you all next Friday

Are tug games good or bad for dogs?

To tug or not to tug. Are tug games good or bad for dogs?

When it was believed that dogs were constantly tying to dominate us and so in order to control them we in turn had to make sure we were more dominant than they were, tug games were frowned on, it was believed that it pitted our strength … Continued

Dog aggressive around food

Learn how to teach your dog to trust people near its food bowl and be "safe" around food.

Food aggression is much easier to prevent than to cure and there is no better place to start than with a puppy.

We live in a world where we never seem have time to do anything, we live our … Continued

I was starting to feel scared of my dog

Everything was going well with my puppy until he reached 6 or 7 months when I started to feel quite scared of my dog.

In May 2008 I bought a lovely puppy.  I decided to call him Bruno.

To start off with Bruno was the ideal puppy.  I had no problems walking him and I thought everything was … Continued

Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes

Kennel Club Good Citizen classes in and around Bath. Training you towards Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme is open to everyone whether your dog is registered with the kennel club or not. The scheme is well structured and teaches you … Continued