I was starting to feel scared of my dog

Everything was going well with my puppy until he reached 6 or 7 months when I started to feel quite scared of my dog.

In May 2008 I bought a lovely puppy.  I decided to call him Bruno.

To start off with Bruno was the ideal puppy.  I had no problems walking him and I thought everything was fine.

Things started to change once Bruno got to about 6 or 7 months. Bruno is a very big male Labradoodle, he was always a bit mouthy during early puppyhood, but it had turned into something quite scary. Bruno was the size of a Irish Wolf Hound and would jump at me, on occasions he would knock me over, he ripped two or three jumpers and I can’t remember how many times he drew blood. I don’t think that he meant it, but I was becoming quite scared of him. More than once he had me in tears through the feeling of complete helplessness. Bruno was just too big for me to control.

Our friend Colin Rose was training search dogs for clients all over the world and I knew he was very busy, but I needed help or I had to find another home for Bruno. Colin was great, we just went on walks with his dogs and he showed me how to control Bruno, which gradually built up my confidence to handle Bruno again.

Nearly four years on Bruno is a great dog and despite his size is now very gentle with other dogs and people. He is a great companion.

Now that Colin is concentrating on pet dog training, I would like to recommend him if you have a problem.

I wish him every success! Good Luck Colin and thanks again.

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