Building the confidence of a timid dog

A testimonial of a client who I helped to building the confidence of their timid dog who used to bark and lunge at other dogs while on the lead.

Rosie, my 2 year old Yellow Lab, was always quite wary of other dogs and some people.

She would bark, lunge and pull towards them when on lead. When she was a puppy we took her to puppy classes, but she did not like it at all, spending most of the time under the chair, so we stopped going.

Working with Colin and his dogs was a great experience. He really built up my confidence in handling my dog, Rosie, and has changed RosieĀ from a timid dog who was frightened of everyone and everything to one who is confident in dealing with everyday situations. If we come upon something she finds hard to cope with I now know the signs and how to make her feel comfortable with it.

Thanks very Colin

Is your dog's lack of confidence stressful for both you and your dog?

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