Dog aggression on the lead

Dog's boisterous behaviour turning into dog aggression on the lead. A testimonial from a client whose Border Terrier became aggressive on the lead.

At first, the behavioural issues that Ralph, our 6 month old Border Terrier, was developing didn’t seem to be too much of an issue. In marked contrast to Pepper (our first dog), he loved finding play mates and enjoyed charging round with any dog that he spent time with.

We were pleased to have a dog who seemed pleased to be in the company of other dogs. Over time however, Ralph’s boisterous behaviour developed into aggression particularly on the lead. He was no longer allowed off the lead and interactions with other dogs were characterised by pulling, fits of lunging, growling and barking at any dog who came near.

Colin’s uncanny ability to handle dogs was immediately apparent and he soon had Ralph walking to heel, walking past and meeting other dogs. Ralph performed with increasing assurance during our training classes but we still had issues translating what we’d learnt back in the familiar territory of our village. Colin’s solution was to surprise Ralph by visiting us on his patch and conducting a training session in our village.

With the behavioural tools that Colin has given us we have ever increasing confidence in Ralph and our ability to control him in the most testing of circumstances. He’s much happier in the presence of other dogs in a wide range of situations. We’re now members of Colin’s group training class where Ralph is able to weave in and out of a line of up to 10 dogs without a reaction.

Thanks Colin.