Training a rescue dog from Serbia

A testimonial from a client who needed help training their rescue dog who kept running away! Earlier this year I rescued an adorable collie/retriever cross from Serbia who had been abandoned and clearly suffered from neglect and malnutrition.  Needless to say, her behavioural problems left a lot to be desired, none of which were her fault, of course!

Rescue dog from SerbiaAfter a few weeks of walking her on the lead, I decided it was time for her to have some freedom.  That was when the trouble began!!  I lost her twice, the first time for one hour, and the second for two hours – I was panic stricken!  A fellow dog walker then recommended Colin,, and we have never looked back, the results are amazing.  After a course of recall lessons, she now returns to me immediately and is always on the look out in case I’ve changed direction.

Colin has turned very stressful walks into pleasurable ones once again and Kate is a totally different dog.  Colin’s reward techniques using food/toys and his natural connection with dogs are amazing and I cannot recommend him enough.

Thanks Colin

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