Rottweiler afraid of meeting new people

Testimonial from a client whose dog was afraid of meeting new people. Her Rottweiler is now more confident and loves meeting new people.

Thought I’d drop you a line to give you an update on Yogi………. HE’S DOING FANTASTIC!!!!

Bless him, he’s back to being a little “love bug” he no longer fears meeting new people, in fact, he LOVES meeting new people! No one even believes me that he once had a problem!!

A friend of mine came to visit for the first time and foolishly tried to come through the gate whilst the dogs were out (he was supposed to call me on arrival!) Yogi obviously did his guarding bit, after all a 6ft2 stranger needs to be told right!? Once i’d put the dogs behind the baby gate, I convinced my friend he was safe to meet and greet, naturally the poor guy was terrified but Yogi took just 5 minutes to convince him that it was love he was after not blood!!

Yesterday, he met a very rude “teenage” Corgi who, quite frankly needed a telling off. The dog was very full on but had no “doggy etiquette” he kept charging into Yogi, when Yogi tried to sniff he would snap in his face, at one point he was literally swinging from Yogi’s face!!!! My boy was as good as gold. I can’t tell you how happy i am Colin or how grateful i am to you for all your hard work teaching me to help my Baby Bear to be happy once again in his own skin. He’s not 100% there yet with dogs but knowing I now have the skills to help him is fantastic.

My only regret is that I had to go through 2 behaviour/ trainers who made the problem worse before I found you! Just because Yogi is a Rottweiler they thought he needed to be treated with a “firm approach” because he is “dominant”!!! Needless to say that was all rubbish and I’m happy to say that you helped prove me right!!

What I’m really trying to say, in a very long-winded fashion is THANK YOU on behalf of Yogi and myself.


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