The dog that doesn’t like going for walks

A testimonial from a client whose dog didn't like going for walks.

Badger, a retired racing greyhound joined our family 15 months ago. His transition from being a kennelled, racing dog to a domestic pet went well and he quickly began to enjoy the benefits of retirement. Like many greyhounds … Continued

Dog obsessed with sheep and badger holes

Testimonial from a client whose dog was obsessed with sheep and badger holes. The dog's recall is now much improved with reward based training.

My Rescue Terrier – cross, Tigger was obsessed with sheep and Badger holes, having to be dug out a couple of times in the past.  Our walks … Continued

Building the confidence of a timid dog

A testimonial of a client who I helped to building the confidence of their timid dog who used to bark and lunge at other dogs while on the lead.

Rosie, my 2 year old Yellow Lab, was always quite wary of other dogs and some people.

She would bark, lunge and pull towards them when on lead. … Continued

Training a dog to stop chasing sheep (including video)

Colin trained my sight hound to stop chasing sheep

I have a whippet named Jess, she is a sight hound and sight hounds were originally bred to hunt by sight and so they instinctively chase moving objects.

We bought Jess at 6 months old and a few months after we bought her she started … Continued

Training a rescue dog from Serbia

A testimonial from a client who needed help training their rescue dog who kept running away! Earlier this year I rescued an adorable collie/retriever cross from Serbia who had been abandoned and clearly suffered from neglect and malnutrition.  Needless to say, her behavioural problems left a lot to be desired, none of which were her … Continued

Dog trained not to pull on the lead

This is Nala a 16 week Cocker spaniel x who had been to puppy class, but pulled like a steam train when she was out on the lead.

Once I had explained to the owner why dogs pull on the lead and we introduced the clicker so that our reward timing was better Nala never looked back. This is after … Continued

Training a dog aggressive dog

A testimonial from a client re. training a dog aggressive dog. Her dog was quite a handful on walks, growling and lunging at most dogs.

My husband and I have 3 teenage children who have always wanted a dog. We felt at the end of 2012 we were ready, visited the cats & dogs home and all chose … Continued

Training a Springer Spaniel to stop pulling on the lead

Dog training testimonial about a 10 month old Springer Spaniel who pulled on the lead and would not come back to me when I called him.

When I first contacted Colin my 10 month old Springer spaniel was not a joy to be with when away from home. He pulled on the lead and would not come back to me … Continued

Dog aggression on the lead

Dog's boisterous behaviour turning into dog aggression on the lead. A testimonial from a client whose Border Terrier became aggressive on the lead.

At first, the behavioural issues that Ralph, our 6 month old Border Terrier, was developing didn’t seem to be too much of an issue. In … Continued

Rottweiler afraid of meeting new people

Testimonial from a client whose dog was afraid of meeting new people. Her Rottweiler is now more confident and loves meeting new people.

Thought I’d drop you a line to give you an update on Yogi………. HE’S DOING FANTASTIC!!!!

Bless him, he’s back to being a little “love … Continued