Small rehabilitation groups specifically for dogs that have anti-social behaviour problems and may not suit mainstream dog training classes.

Small, supportive group classes for ‘problem dogs’

It is my experience, backed up by the type of feedback that I have had over the years, that most dog training classes do not cater for dogs that do not fit into the norm in terms of their behaviour.

Very often dogs that show aggressive tendencies towards people, other dogs, or overt behaviours are asked to leave the class because they are upsetting the group and whilst I fully understand the trainer’s decision it does leave owners of difficult dogs with nowhere to go.

Some training classes are held in small, cramped halls that are completely the wrong type of environment for dogs that show fear aggression and have proximity issues. This type of enclosed space can exacerbate the behaviour.

At Dog Intuition we are offering small rehabilitation groups specifically for dogs that have anti-social behaviour problems and may not suit mainstream dog training classes.

Rehabilitation offers the opportunity for the dog to work in an environment that would normally elicit a problem but done in a controlled way so that the dog learns a more acceptable behaviour.

Anti-social behaviours may include:

  • Dog-to-dog aggression
  • Aggressive behaviour towards people
  • Behaviours associated with lack of adequate socialisation or bad past experiences

Would you like to join our anti-social dog group?

Before joining the rehabilitation group you will need to have done extensive one-one sessions with me so that I can assess the behaviour and show you some basic control exercises that will be useful when you join the group, also to make sure your dog is ready for a group situation.

The group will be small in terms of numbers, 4-5 dogs and carried out with plenty of open space so that we can control the critical distances as we work through the problems.

Very often owners of difficult dogs have lost all confidence in the dog and their ability to handle the situation, so building owner confidence will form an important part of the dog’s rehab.

The group will be self-supporting in that everyone will have a difficult dog and so support each other through what will be good days and bad days. If on arriving at the group you feel that you are not in the right frame of mind to handle the situation then that’s fine, no one will be pressured to take part if they don’t feel up to it. Rehabilitation is always done at a pace that suits you and your dog.

During the session we will be working on socialisation, but also exercises that will allow the dog to release some of the energy that very often builds up in dogs that generally are not let off the lead.

These classes will be run when we have  enough for a small group. If you are interested in one of these groups please call, I will be happy to talk to you about them.

Want to join our dog rehabilitation class?

These classes run when we have enough people wanting to join in so please get in touch.