Dog obsessed with sheep and badger holes

Testimonial from a client whose dog was obsessed with sheep and badger holes. The dog's recall is now much improved with reward based training.

My Rescue Terrier Рcross, Tigger was obsessed with sheep and Badger holes, having to be dug out a couple of times in the past.  Our walks became a nightmare because the fields where I walked him were surrounded by Badger holes and sheep.

Thank you Colin for preventing me losing my wits!

I found Colin on the Internet and hoped he could help, otherwise Tigger’s walk would always have to be on a line/lead.

During our training walks, Colin soon latched on to Tigger’s obsession with tug balls as a really strong recall tool. The result is that after 14 weeks the tug toy is beginning to prove more interesting than other distractions, even badgers and sheep. Absolutely no real interest in the sheep this morning!

Tigger playing
It’s still a work in progress, but Colin’s understanding of dog (and human!) behaviour makes him a genius in my eyes – and Tigger adores him!

Colin, I’m so glad I found you, many thanks for your help from Me and Tigger

Does your dog have an obsession that is spoiling your walks?

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