Our puppy training class in Bath is an ideal starting place for your puppy's education and socialisation, even if you have already attended a 3-4 week puppy play group at your local vet.

Puppy classes at FERN FARM

Fern farm is on the A420 just as you come into shoe – SN14 8SE

Puppy socialisation class details

Whether you have already bought your new puppy or are just thinking about a new addition there is no better place to start its education and socialisation than at a well-run puppy class.

Your puppy will learn whether you teach it or not, so why not teach it what you want it to learn straight away.

Puppies are at their most malleable during the socialisation period (6-16 weeks) so the consequences of inappropriate guidance or a lack of environmental experiences during this period can be severe and may result in varying levels of behaviour problems in later life. This is, of course, just the beginning and socialisation should continue throughout the dog’s life.

What happens at a puppy training class?

At Dog Intuition puppies are allowed plenty of opportunity to socially interact in a controlled way so that they learn the right way to play and interact with other puppies to improve social skills.

All of our training is done in a fun way, with simple exercises and games that help to develop confidence and reliability in the puppy. During the course we include lots of “hands on” exercises using food rewards, so that the puppy learns to like people touching it.

You will be shown how to get your puppy to respond to basic control exercises. No pushing or pulling, just simple learning theory.

The course will be interspersed with games that the whole family can join in with. Through games, you will build up a bond with your puppy that will make training easier and your puppy a pleasure to own.

It’s great fun! Watch how quickly your puppy picks things up, you’ll be amazed!


See “Courses” for the date of the next one  – Only small number so call and book now!

Labradoodle puppy

Collie cross puppy