Teach your puppy to accept handling

How to teach your puppy to accept handling. Teaching a dog to be happy about people touching it starts when it is a puppy and, as with a lot of behaviours, it's much easier to do it now than to try to play catch-up when your puppy is older.

Does your dog get upset when strangers approach it?

Many dogs grow up accepting strangers touching them, but are clearly not quite happy about it. They may shy away as someone reaches out, or scoot just out of reach. Others my be a little more overt with their behaviour and grumble or growl.

Dog training classes that teach your dog to accept handling

Teaching your dog to like being touched and handled will also assist you and your vet when they need to examine your dog. It should stand to be examined without getting excited or tetchy, in anticipation of a reward (food treat or toy game).

At Dog Intuition puppy and adult classes we do lots of hands-on stuff for reward.

Once you’ve learnt this in the class repeat it with friends and family and then with strangers you might meet whilst out walking. This will help to ensure that you puppy is happy about being touched, as opposed to just putting up with it, and will stand to be examined.

This technique also works with adult dogs.

Is your dog (puppy or adult) unhappy when being touched or approached by unknown people?

If your dog shows any signs of being grumbly or growly when being touched then get in touch for professional help.