Reuben The Runaway

Would not come back or Recall

We came to Colin for help with recall for our dog Reuben, who was 10 months old at the start of training. He was becoming less and less responsive to our calls, and frequently ran off after other dogs, birds and sheep

We worked with Colin to learn some very simple techniques that increased Reuben’s responsiveness to his name, and then some more specific commands and actions to recall  him. The lessons were relaxed, and we didn’t feel under pressure or criticised at any time. Colin is kind and knowledgeable, and didn’t overload us with information. We just felt like we were going on a nice walk, but over time the changes in Reuben really added up.

 We have seen a massive improvement in Reuben’s recall and as a result we are much more confident when taking him on walks. Our relationship with Reuben is also a much happier One!

Thank you Colin