Training a mouthing staffie

A testimonial from a client who had a staffie with a mouthing habit. The dog was not at all aggressive but needed to learn not to bite! She is now a big softie.

After initial reservations and lots of research about buying a Staffordshire Bull Terrier I found a breeder in Exeter. Unfortunately we discovered on collection that the puppy wasn’t as old as expected. With much deliberation and reassurance from the breeder we brought her home.

Training a mouthy staffieWe soon discovered that she hadn’t learnt the inhibited bite. I thought I had a pet crocodile! With two small children and lots of marks on my hands and arms I grew very concerned that maybe the ‘staffie’ reputation was indeed true. I had grown up with dogs and had two huskies from puppy but had never experienced these jaws!

This is when I contacted Colin who had been referred by a friend of mine.

Colin assured me my pup was a good dog and not aggressive but just needed more specific training and guidance, the usual puppy classes I attended for socialising etc couldn’t address the issues which were challenging me at home.

Colin agreed to meet her at my house which was perfect. With regular training and guidance she turned a corner.

‘She’ is now 18 months old and is a fabulous family pet. She is a big softie and amazing with my children.

I run with her and walk her for 2 hours a day. Her recall is very good and a pleasure to be with. She is still young and occasionally lets her teenage ways come through but generally speaking a very happy, sociable and obedient dog.

Thank you Colin!

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