Dog aggressive collie

Testimonial from a client who had a dog aggressive collie.

Hi Colin,

When I got Sandy I had no idea he was dog aggressive, a local behaviourist said that his behaviour could not be changed, but I knew I could not take him back to the local rescue centre.

With your help / training, … Continued

Dog that wouldn’t walk on the lead

A testimonial from a client whose dog wouldn't walk on the lead. I helped their dog, and the owner, to enjoy going for walks.

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to write to say thank you.¬† After two years or more of struggling to get Jasper to just walk down the road I now have a dog that … Continued

Border terrier running away

Testimonial about training a border terrier to stop running away.

We have a two and a half year old Border terrier called Lola.  Lola flew through puppy training with flying colours and all was going well until Lola was about 8 months old.

Then her recalls was hit and miss. Her favourite … Continued