Training a dog to stop chasing sheep (including video)

Colin trained my sight hound to stop chasing sheep

I have a whippet named Jess, she is a sight hound and sight hounds were originally bred to hunt by sight and so they instinctively chase moving objects.

We bought Jess at 6 months old and a few months after we bought her she started … Continued

Training a rescue dog from Serbia

A testimonial from a client who needed help training their rescue dog who kept running away! Earlier this year I rescued an adorable collie/retriever cross from Serbia who had been abandoned and clearly suffered from neglect and malnutrition.  Needless to say, her behavioural problems left a lot to be desired, none of which were her … Continued

Training a dog aggressive dog

A testimonial from a client re. training a dog aggressive dog. Her dog was quite a handful on walks, growling and lunging at most dogs.

My husband and I have 3 teenage children who have always wanted a dog. We felt at the end of 2012 we were ready, visited the cats & dogs home and all chose … Continued

Training a Springer Spaniel to stop pulling on the lead

Dog training testimonial about a 10 month old Springer Spaniel who pulled on the lead and would not come back to me when I called him.

When I first contacted Colin my 10 month old Springer spaniel was not a joy to be with when away from home. He pulled on the lead and would not come back to me … Continued

One to one dog training

We learnt more in the hour with you than we have in months at dog class. A happy testimonial from a client who came for one to one dog training.

Thank you for your help with Indi. We have been doing all the exercise and advice you gave us she is doing really well, we have a few moments … Continued

Dog aggression on the lead

Dog's boisterous behaviour turning into dog aggression on the lead. A testimonial from a client whose Border Terrier became aggressive on the lead.

At first, the behavioural issues that Ralph, our 6 month old Border Terrier, was developing didn’t seem to be too much of an issue. In … Continued

Rottweiler afraid of meeting new people

Testimonial from a client whose dog was afraid of meeting new people. Her Rottweiler is now more confident and loves meeting new people.

Thought I’d drop you a line to give you an update on Yogi………. HE’S DOING FANTASTIC!!!!

Bless him, he’s back to being a little “love … Continued

Dog aggressive collie

Testimonial from a client who had a dog aggressive collie.

Hi Colin,

When I got Sandy I had no idea he was dog aggressive, a local behaviourist said that his behaviour could not be changed, but I knew I could not take him back to the local rescue centre.

With your help / training, … Continued

Dog that wouldn’t walk on the lead

A testimonial from a client whose dog wouldn't walk on the lead. I helped their dog, and the owner, to enjoy going for walks.

Hi Colin,

I just wanted to write to say thank you.  After two years or more of struggling to get Jasper to just walk down the road I now have a dog that … Continued

Border terrier running away

Testimonial about training a border terrier to stop running away.

We have a two and a half year old Border terrier called Lola.  Lola flew through puppy training with flying colours and all was going well until Lola was about 8 months old.

Then her recalls was hit and miss. Her favourite … Continued